Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Ode to the Mother Of Democracy

Her family mourned, unselfishly
Her country, drenched in yellow confetti
streets, lines of people
hearts, rivers of tears

yellow, bright... bitter sweet
songs of praise
half mast raise
honoring our mother of freedom
silently watching from the kingdom...

sorry if we've been disobedient
sorry if we sometimes did wrong...
sorry if as your children we've strayed far
and sorry as citizens we seemed to forget...
like a mother, you still forgive and inspired many to do right...

further on, her message states
to take care of the thing she fought for
the freedom, enabled us to have a voice
today, tomorrow we should be thankful for...

her crying children, forced to share
the only mother they've known
to the country who grieves with them...
at the end of the day, realized
in her eyes
we are all citizens of this country.

goodbye our mother of democracy...
goodbye our yellow rose...
bloomed, wilted and now ready to shed...
shed the seeds of her sacrifices
for the country she loved unfazed...

the orphaned Philippines will miss you greatly
Our president, our mother, our giver of freedom...
thank you.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Timely Flight of the Yellow Dove by Cholo Ayuyao

For the past days, as the country mourns over the death of former president Corazon Aquino, there’s a certain feel of calmness all over the land. The eerie silence actually transcends fluency that is cloaking each one who is affected by her death, some viewing it like the loss of a mother, a sister, a leader both spiritual and political. But after being hooked by this historical occurrence and observing the people’s behavior this afternoon as the remains of the former president sliced through the seas of people towards the Manila Cathedral, one couldn’t deny the fact that no other leader of this country has ever commanded such ardor and respect from the masses the way Corazon Aquino does.

She’s a perfect example of what a leader should be: Imperfect and admitting that she is. That humility raised her status to a very influential leader even after her tenure as president. Even in her death, she still commands that same influence and even more. Her death maybe a great loss for her closest of family but it is very much timely for the country. In her death, I’ve noticed the silence from politicians aiming for positions on the coming elections next year. The recent SONA, which was a failure in itself and managed to only light up a little candle from the expected bonfire it would produced was still outshined by her death. The snowballing of event signified one thing for our country: In Cory’s death, she’s still telling us a message to be conscious of what our government is and what the state of the Filipino is now.

The Filipino is a resilient race, Cory believes. Her death is telling us to gather up our senses as a people and make next year right. Her legacy to the world of not using violence, but prayers en mass and act on that faith and belief to make it be heard and materialize further on. It’s a wakeup call for everyone to guard that democracy and practice it the proper way. Cory gave us back the voice that we needed now, a choice if such ill governance and political hodgepodge shall persist. Her death is telling us that each one of us is significant in democracy, that our collective voice would make our race wiser the coming year. From the death of her husband till her death, she sacrificed everything for our democracy and continually fought for it when circumstances try to tarnish it. That was her commitment to us, her people, and she’s expecting that kind of sacrifice and commitment to be returned by continuing that legacy of freedom and prayer.