Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Pampanga Wedding Weekend

Once a year, the best of Pampanga's wedding suppliers gather in one roof to celebrate that one day in your lives that transcends all fairy tales. It's the third year of Central Luzon's biggest bridal fair/ exhibition, Wedding Destinations Pampanga. Ongoing from July 8-10 2011 at the SM Clark Activity Center.

Events and Concepts by Voltaire Zalamea, the brain child behind the event, made sure that this gathering would induce inspirations among visiting couples for their big day.

This year though, one color seemed to assert itself as the new wedding color detail... BLACK- from event stylists, to cakes, to even the doll bridal gowns on display, everyone seemed to make black work and harmonize the stark and strong color, and translate it into romance through clever mixing with other conventional bridal colors and detailing.

As for designers, everyone switched mode from highly embellished last year, to an elegant subtle detailing, with an interesting take on textural treatments on fabrics. Frederick Policarpio and Jojo Macapinlac zoomed in on the waist as a focal point and the rest was taken over by fabric textures suck as pleats, ruffles and gathers. Glen Canlas took on a serene path with a trapeze clean and simple bridal gown with a heavy diamante detail on the neck. Casa Moda, on the other hand concentrated on geometric shapes, and contrasting the hard lines with the use of neutral toned tulle.

The new breed of wedding photographers and media artist, I observed, are actually infusing their youth and new ideas to this aspect of the industry, leaning now more on the glamorous side of it all and shunning the traditional step by step ABC's on how to cover weddings. I reckon "Relaxed glamour" is a more appropriate phrase for the feel of these photographs. Its like inviting a friend or a family member over to witness you glorious day and let him takes snap shots of it... only this time, this friend/ family has a 100k camera and an ultimate capability to capture every moment in perfect polish. LOLs. And one thing more, aside from the photographs themselves, I would love to point out too how amazingly clever Paolo Feliciano's collaboration with a furniture designer, and come up with elegant trunks as vessels to an even more beautiful wedding album- they are purposely done that way so they're not your typical thick white mom and pops wedding album from nineteen tralala, gathering dust below your living room "istante" but instead, theyre made to look like furniture which are actually focal point themselves. thats what i call shelf life.

(photos Paolo Feliciano: )

Cakes on the other hand, are gearing up for range more than a certain trend. It's highly logical i think since most couples now are personalizing their cakes more than the usual pin pointing from a catalog. But two factors are uniting all of them. Height and Metallic Hues.

Its Black or White for the event styling department, with splashes of color from flowers all over. Pancho Pantig opted for a bumble bee dandy color combination of yellows, ochres and framed with translucent glass details framed in black. Janette Garbes went on to embrace bright blues, cobalt, white flowers in a sea of white. Badang Rueda on the other hand went shabby chic with whites and splashes of lilacs and greens.

Saturday though boasted a highly anticipated show, celebrating the ten stylish years of fashion of premiere bridal designer Frederick Policarpio- Decennio, A collaborative production of Events and Concepts and Beyond Essence.

This was what I thought: If your show opens with top model Ria Bolivar as your first face... coupled with 3 jap-brazilian male top models... and an emerging songstress dropping by to serenade everyone... and not to mention 80 pieces of uber couture, one after the other in a progressive mode... then youre up to something really really REALLY special...

...and it was. ill let the pics speak to you. (moment of oohs and aaahhhs)

Today, July 10, 2011 is the last day of the wedding extravaganza so go hit SM Clark now and see the marvelous exhibitions there. and to Event and Concepts, here's to another year of celebrating what we do best. WEDDINGS.