Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meet the Fraglls!

After being caught up with my love of dolls after all this years, I just have this urge to create something of my own. Being aware now of what really is the doll world and meeting and talking to doll lovers all over the world specially the ones in the country who truly inspired me to do this endeavor, (Rudi, Matto, Kaye, Anj who btw is one of the best OOAK doll makers and artist in the country and Neil BIG BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL), it is after all an occurrence bound to happen. Perfect fit: My work as an accessory designer enables me to be extra patient and could work in fine details apt for the miniature world of dolls.

I was on a rush though, taking advantage of that rekindled passion. I originally planned on doing some ball jointed dolls for starters, being inspired by different sculptors I see on the net, and finding the perfect face for my doll line. But this would take a lot of time and practice before starting it. Then I realized the potential of my staff’s sewing capabilities and respond to my hidden affiliation with quirky and abstract things. So, I developed this other line of dolls called Fashion Rag Dolls, or for short Fragll’s.


Fragll’s is a concept inspired by the contradiction of a rustic and animated simple rag doll and the fine details seen with couture. Yes… that the idea, behind the luxury of couture details is a basic rag doll. Though this time, I made the doll more shapely and longer like fashion dolls are.

Hope I could release a sample batch soon after making these three prototypes. Keerah, Sunah and Alex, and also I could finish one sculpted doll soon and start the other line of fashion dolls. Keeping my fingers crossed.




Adding to that, all Fraglls are to be released with just one of each item since i could never duplicate my work ever since, so it's just a one time deal for every doll. Another site will be done for my Fraglls so don't worry for the online catalog.

kisskiss! :)