Monday, July 19, 2010

Weddings: The Cabalen Way!

This event can be summed up as the biggest assembly of more than fifty of the brightest wedding suppliers of Pampanga from events and image stylists to wedding venues, giving the province the proof of competitiveness and a higher creative edge among the nation’s best. Spearheaded by Voltaire Zalamea, the province’s top event planner and the brains behind Events and Concepts, the event was set to define the landscape of Pampanga’s Wedding Industry.

Comparing it to last year’s event, this year seemed to be a catalyst of what may be the future of Pampanga’s wedding industry… and I’m talking about really bright roads to further on. As Marbee Shing- Go (Wedding Essentials Editor in Chief) puts it on her article “It’s almost a mini-CITEM fair,” (for full article click HERE)… and yes it was indeed. Every exhibitor exceeded everyone’s expectations and more.

Aside from the presence of the editorial staff of the country’s best wedding bible Wedding Essentials, here are some more highlights of the event.

Pancho Pineda Pantig of Plumeria’s booth was divine. Opulent and utterly well thought of, Plumeria’s booth was a feast for the senses, pink flowers of different varieties in a backdrop of black and white linens, black satin cushioned walls and then framed with cascading bead draped pillars in shades of ambers and golds. It was voted as the best booth of this year’s bridal fair.

Another thing I noticed among the fashion designers was the use of tulle. Jojo Macapinlac’s ensemble was a multi tiered tulle gown and a heavily embellished bodice in crystals and flat stones, perfectly balanced for a red carpet themed wedding. Frederick Policarpio played it in with his signature clean lines and pleating with a touch of black sashes and belts to accentuate the waist, a conundrum of drama and romance with an absolute resolution of elegance. Marlon Tuazon took it up a notch with an aqua, black and dove grey number. Matt Basilio’s interpretation of the bridal gown leaned on the classic, beaded lace appliqué and embroidery flowing down to a pleated skirt. Glen Canlas, the youngest designer there stayed true by creating two youthful and modern looks for the classic and the adventurous bride, one version in full white and the other in touches of pink, both sporting geometric and sculptural details and softened with bead embroidery and crystal tussles.

The cake department has a mind of its own. The variety was so vast that only one thing could definitely unify them all, the use of COLOR. I didn’t see a classically made wedding cake but every cake supplier present there may be pushing the trend of color this season. Tiramisu showcased a cream fondant cake with purple flowerettes strategically positioned for better impact, accompanied with complementary smaller cakes in shades of violets and periwinkle. There was one close to a classic bridal cake though, and it’s by Bread-O-Cakes, white four tiered cake, bordered on the sides with sugar panels tied with raffia and an assortment of details like green sugar apples and white roses. Another version was done with green and white roses cascading over a four tiered green fondant number. Whimsy maybe the best word to describe the creations of DDL Homemade Cakes. A brown and pink leaning tower of cups, sort of a homage to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, greets you at the entrance, and be welcomed inside by harlequin patterned multi layer cake with drapes, dice and playing card detailing in black, red and white colors. I was hoping to see next time more of the classic ones though. Every cake was promising with a little tweak here and there.

I could go on and on with the details like for the photo and video department, I could say that most really invested much on technology without sacrificing the artistry behind the craft. This is where you could distinguish the artistic photographer from the technical… most had the balance. Venues were aplenty too like 12 of them. GPR, Grand Palazzo Royal did turn heads by creating a garden within the mall (which is totally not impossible since they successfully recreated European Royalty in Pampanga,) while most event venues lured possible clients with witty and well crafted AVP’s of the venues and budget friendly packages. Food sampling was everywhere too with the caterers but I did stick to tasting the cakes. Nothing beats a sugar rush in the middle of a wedding extravaganza.

All in all, the event was so successful that it increased more than 50% from last year’s bookings. Congratulations to all who have participated and continuing to champion the creativity of the Capampangan Wedding Scene. And one more thing I noticed with all the suppliers, that in the sea of creativity present there and the air of what may look like everyone’s outdoing each other, it was actually otherwise. Behind those big names are people who become true friends with each other. The final night of the fair showed me that the unity present in the fair between suppliers is genuinely close to a family. The industry here is just small, with an immense capacity to be creative, but at the end of the day, as we all go to our homes and bidding goodbye to the latest couple who had their best day of their life materialized with the help of each individual mind contributing… the Pampanga wedding industry is in fact, a Family.

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