Friday, November 5, 2010

Fredo: Short Story

It was the final task at hand he thought. He faced the bulbous façade of the cave.

It’s the last straw, and his mission will be over. Burdened with the mission bestowed on him as the sole bearer of the ring, with no one but Sammy beside him for support, he inched his first steps towards the cave.

Steps, heavy as the boulders surrounding him and slippery with gunk that embrace the ground, he pushed through. He remembered the great Alophea reminding him of the giant inside the cave and the damned beauty of the wise Retha guarding the line of light a couple of inches from the mouth of the dark cave. Alophea mentioned that the guardian would welcome anyone with a pure spirit and bestow to them the Light of Guerre, a mythical lamp that would only light up with fuel of a pure soul, and that the ring should dwell and flourish inside the pits of darkness.

Fredo pushed on. He could see his soiled feet pacing the ground. He couldn’t really gasp the thought of why the whole of their nation’s salvation from the evil warlock Vharkum was to be determined by a creature like him. Vharkum, a spirit god, abused his powers to inflict evil around the nation of Zoer, a nation of spirits, dwarfs and elves in peace with their surroundings, now fast becoming a hodgepodge of evil and ire coming from the great warlock of Cer Hoava Arq, the place where Vharkum created the ring of evil, the same ring that’s initiated Fredo’s mission to deliver it inside the Cave of the Giant.

Soon Fredo reached the mouth of the cave with Sammy behind him. They just looked at each other and hoped the guardian of the cave would appear. Fredo observed the line that separated the light from the outside to the pitch black innards of the cave. He gasped for air. This leg of his mission he thought was the hardest. Both of them looked up upon hearing the songs of sirens coming from above then a vertical beam of bright light appeared in front of them. Amazed with what was happening, the two just stood there as a lady clad in precious ornate jewelry and crystal armor materialized from the light. Fredo was mesmerized upon seeing the beautiful face of Retha, the porcelain skin, the pointy ears and the glossy pink lips of the guardian. Retha closed her eyes and the symphony of an ancient language was heard by Fredo.

“Hare ayerna efta du Zoeria Fredo as Sammy… feshnah alta erthi anno porwe esnum alvuer… sulo tar dulum arhem nilaste aravelum…” (I’ve been expecting you both citizens of Zoer, Fredo and Sammy… the light of Guerre I bestow on you for your mission… the gods shall guide you inside the cave of the giant) The wise Retha uttered.

Upon hearing this, Fredo just scratched his head for he never understood a thing Retha just said. He took a deep breath, almost laborious from the taxing voyage towards the cave and uttered: “Oi girl… haggard na nga kami ni Samantha, wa na nga ako nakapag moisturize everyday, tapos chuchuva mo pa akish ng latir? Wa ko learn yan day!... pero in fairness… maganda ang audio mo and with production number pa… Winner!” Sammy agreed with Fredo and said “ay true Freeda… winner nga ang enter the dragon… super eksena lang talaga…”

Puzzled with the reactions of the Zoerians, Retha just gave the light of Guerre to them and let them push through with their mission.

The pitch black darkness of the cave almost blinded the two until Sammy suggested that Fredo should turn on the light of Guerre. “Girl… light mo na yan… so dark in here na oh…” Sammy asked. “Wa ko learn Samantha! Paanish na itish?” Fredo replied. The two stopped and felt the lamp Fredo was holding. They’re looking for a switch along the lamps body until a loud yell reverberated inside the pitch black. “Oh my Freeda… may ibang utaw ditto!” Sammy said and then he felt a sharp slap on his face and heard Fredo saying “bakla ka!!! Puke ko na kaya finefelt mo gagah!” Sammy apologized from the mishap and then the lamp suddenly emitted its purpose. Finally they could see inside the big cave surrounding them.

The y moved on further inside until they reached the center of the cave, a vast expanse of space with an unfathomable ceiling above. “Samantha… arrive na tayo gurl…” Fredo whispered to Sammy. Fredo remembered the instructions that was given to him. Inside the vast space is an altar where the Cer Hoava Arq ring would fit and end the evil doings of Vharkum. They moved on, searching for an altar until they reach an elevated boulder and from there could see the altar from afar. “Bingo freeda! Ayun na kaya ang altar… tara na… lets go… NOW NA!” Sammy jubilantly said. Then as they went up the boulder Frode could feel his foot sinking down the boulders, as if walking on pillows. The two looked at each other and wondered why the boulders were such. Then Sammy blurted “winner ito freeda… cushioned ang flooring ng cave ah… super sossy!” then Sammy started to jump up and down the softness of where they were standing and then Fredo joined in too. Up and down they went while laughing and giggling, an escape from the treacherous mission that they have. Then suddenly they felt the cushiony feeling stiffened, bit by bit, elevating them further up. Fredo jumped hard and went off balanced from the stiffened cushion that they were jumping on while Sammy fell to his but, still on the boulder. Sammy now face down could feel in his hands how hard the boulder has become. Fredo stood up and placed the light he was holding to where Sammy was and was shocked at what he saw.

Sammy could see Fredo from below him, uttering something he still couldn’t understand. Then finally he got the message after Fredo shouted: “UTEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNN!!!!!!!! BAKLA!!!! DAKS NA DAKS NA DAKS NA UTEEEEENNNNN!!!!!!”

Sammy then looked down to where he was standing and realized that he was standing on an enlarged penis. After wondering who was it, he turned his back from Fredo could see the big nostrils, lips, hairy chest and muscled torso of the giant. A big roar echoed all over them, signaling that the giant was awake. Sammy, after learning he was standing on the penis head jumped towards the base and got tangled from the pubic hair that were growing there. Freda wanted to save Sammy immidiately but the giant is starting to sit up from his sleep. “Samantha!!!!! Escape ka na diyan!!!! Iska na tayo!!!!” Fredo shouted. After detangling himself from the pubic hairs of the giant, Sammy yelled back at Fredo “Vhaklum!!!!! Go ka na sa altar… puts mo na yung ringalu!!! Yung mahiwagang Cer Hoava Arq ring or in other words….. CHAring!!!!!....Gow na Girl… ako na bahala dito!!!!” In a split second, Fredo jumped from his place and ran towards the altar. He could feel the rumble of the giant’s movements shaking the whole space.

Sammy has to do something fast. But he knew that he has no match with the giant. As the giant tried to stand up again, Sammy formulated a very innovative plan to distract the giant. Sammy ran towards the nipples of the giant and placed his tiny hands around it. The nipple was big enough to occupy both his hands and Sammy tried to rub it briskly making them stiffened. A big moan was heard all over the room as Sammy was doing this, swinging from one nipple to the other. And as he noticed the giant’s penis stiff as a wall… he ran towards it and jumped, hugging the hardness with his arms and legs and slide gently downwards. Sammy repeated that formula over and over again.

Fredo finally reached the altar and located the slot where the ring would fit and open the floodlight that would eliminate the evil enveloping their nation. He retrieved the ring from his chest and placed it on the slot. It lit up. But after that nothing happened after. Puzzled, Fredo was trying his best to figure out what went wrong. All the instructions were given to him and he followed them all but nothing’s happing so far.

The Giant finally stood up as Sammy hanged for dear life on the penis of the giant. Roar after roar the giant shouted at Fredo and coming towards him. Sammy in a final surge of strength he went towards the big head of the giant’s penis and with two hands, stroked it furiously like cleaning the back of their water buffalos back home. Step after big step, the giant neared Fredo’s location, still figuring out what went wrong. Sammy was now shouting, tired from the brisk massages he was giving the giant penis head and surprisingly, as the giant is about to step his foot on Fredo at the altar, the giant stopped and in a jolty movement released his seed in orgasm, squirting it on the altar and on Fredo. Fredo was shocked as the vast amounts of gooey liquid enveloped him and suddenly, the whole altar lit up and the ring transformed into a metal rod with a smoothen tip, beaconing its light all over. “This is it Samantha!!!! This is it!!!! “ Fredo shouted. But still nothing happened after that.

The giant, now back to his senses, want towards Fredo again, Roaring in madness like never before. “Baklaaaaaaaaa!!!! Wa effect na naman ang CHAring!!!!! What to doooo!!!!!!” Fredo yelled in panic. The giant fast approaching, he remembered the words of Alophea “the ring should dwell and flourish inside the pits of darkness.” Uncertain and puzzled still, Freda removed his trousers and placed his rear above the glowing golden rod that was the ring before then slowly, the rod entered his rear inch after inch while Freda was repeating within him the words of Alophea “the ring should dwell and flourish inside the pits of darkness.” As the whole thing entered his inside, the whole cave started to shake vigorously, like an earthquake. Freda could feel the coldness and large girth of the metal inside him then looked up and saw that the ceiling of the space was opening and welcomed the light inside.

The giant suddenly turned to ash as the light hit him, Sammy fell down and felt the turbulent wind swirling inside the cavern. Petals of fragrant flowers and feather of angels played along the wind like confetti. Then the wind blow towards the gaping hole above them. Sammy approached Fredo still with the golden rod inside him and said “Girl!!!! In fairness… Talented ka!!! Swak na skaw sa panlasa mo and Shinishing na rin ang evilness ni Vharkum!”

The confetti wind blew all over the nation of Zoer, sweeping off the evilness of Vharkum. The land was finally at peace again and as the whole nation celebrated the heroism of the two Zoerians that faught all obstacles for the triumph of good, the little gay Zoerian boy named Freda finally realized the value of what he did for his nation and the pleasures of being a bottom, while Sammy’s traumatic experience made him to a size queen, like really a BIG TIME size queen.

the end

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